The Various Steps And Procedures of Making A Video Game

Whether you are into video games for the sheer thrill of it or developing a keen interest about the designing process, you must have surely wondered at some point about the exact procedures that are involved in creating these products. Video game designing is one of the most interesting technologies in today’s time which is why this whole field has also emerged as the most sought after career choice amongst today’s generation.The Step By Step Process of Game Designing:• Conceptualization – The first step in the development of any game starts with its conceptual part. Much before a video game is programmed the concept is actually put down on paper. The basic theme is brainstormed and developed by a group of creative designers who work in a team to visualize a rough sketch of the characters and the focal features of the game.• Characterization – Once the basic theme is conceptualized, it is passed onto animation experts who translate the personality and features of the characters into 3D versions. A lot of graphic designing work is involved in this process during which each and every feature, movement and gesture of the characters are sketched out, sculpted or video captured from real life models to get all the animation elements perfectly accurate and as real as possible.• Virtual Game World Development – While the characters are one of the main aspects of designing, the development of the game world is equally important. These aspects, the characters and the gaming world that they are portrayed in are the two most crucial elements which are the deciders of its popularity. The better the creation and animation of these elements the more real and life-like are the final result which adds to the whole thrilling experience for gamers.• Coding – Once the creative designing part is over, it’s time for the computer programmers to take over and make the characters and the game world work beautifully and smoothly through an intricate coding system. The coding part of the video game can be simply understood as adding the artificial intelligence element in order to make it actually function as a video game.• Testing – Testing is one of the most crucial stages and most video games are sent back and forth through testers and designers until all the elements are passed. While each and every feature is paid minute attention in this step, testers broadly try to detect any form of animation and sound malfunctions as well as coding errors in it.There are scores of video game designing companies across the world who have gaming professionals specialized in each of the specific aspect of video game designing. Once these games pass the testing process they are ready to be distributed in the market but their popularity is largely dependent on the manner of promotion of the product which brings us to the final step of their development. So the next time you are playing a game think about these steps and the large number of people who come together to bring these highly entertaining and technologically advanced games to your home!

The Online Goldmine – Buying Used Video Games Online

There are many reasons people from all over the world choose to shop online today. High-speed service without the hassles of driving from store to store wasting time and money on high priced fuel tops the list for most. Those in search of great deals can find just about anything online and used video games are no different. If you are in the market for great quality cheap video games you can find them easier, faster, and hassle free without leaving the comfort of your own home.Before you make your online purchase of any used game, there are a few things you should consider:Does the site offer return guarantees? Certain things should be covered when you are buying used games whether they are used Xbox, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, or any other popular or vintage games. A good site will accept returns of any defective cartridges or discs. This is also one of the reasons to shop online at a reputable game store, as other online sources such as eBay, where you work with individuals; the return policy is up to that individual, whereas an online store will have a storewide consistent policy for returns, with their reputation hinging on honoring that return policy. Local pawnshops very rarely offer any form of guarantee, with all games purchased as is, i.e. if the game does not work, your money is wasted.Uniform shipping policies are another aspect to consider when choosing an online store. A store should openly state their shipping policies and they should be uniform for every sale. With many auction sites each individual seller sets his or her own shipping and can often inflate those prices to pad their pockets while avoiding auction fees on sales. Some of online used video games stores may offer free shipping on certain order amounts, or other significant savings when quantities of items are purchased. This can be a great advantage since not only are you saving money on the games vs. a retail store, but you are also avoiding the hassle of going from store-to-store, avoiding high fuel costs, and you can spend the time and money you just saved any way you choose.Another point to consider when buying used video games online is to make sure that the product description is clear and concise. Many sellers may attempt to hide product flaws inside lengthy descriptions in hopes of confusing the buyer. When purchasing used video games whether it is a used NES game or a used PlayStation 3 game it may show signs of wear and tear.Cartridge-based games should have stickers without too much visible wear (tearing and extreme fading are warning signs), the cartridge casing should be free of dirt, and the metal game contacts (the part that goes into the console system) should be free of corrosion and oxidation. Reputable game stores will clean the contacts prior to shipping them to you to insure your cartridges are functioning properly.Disc-based games should come complete with the original artwork and case, along with discs having minimal scratching on the playing surface. In some cases, the manual may not have survived years of use, especially if the game is a popular one like Fatal Frame II (Xbox), Tales of Symphonia (Nintendo Gamecube) or Tales of Phantasia (Game Boy Advance), but in most cases this is not a problem, as walkthroughs and Game FAQs are available through numerous online sites. Some online sites will professionally re-surface game discs prior to sending them to you if surface scratching is severe, which generally alleviates any game play problems.A very important, almost final step in choosing your used video game store is to find out what payments the retailer accepts. A good retailer will accept most of the normal online payment methods including PayPal, Google Checkout, direct bank transfer, credit cards, personal or bank check and money orders. Keep in mind that if you are paying by personal check, sites may hold your check for 7-10 business days prior to shipping your order to make sure funds are available on the check. Always make sure any site you are submitting your personal financial information to is a secured site (usually identified by the https:// lead in to the url of the payment cart as well as a ‘lock’ icon located on the bottom or top of your web browser), and you may also want to inquire as to whether or not the site stores your personal and/or credit card information.After you have gone through all of these important steps, the final point to consider is whether or not the games you are purchasing are going to be any fun. There are tens of thousands of games available (nearly 6000 are available with the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1 alone!), and choosing games from a console or genre you are not familiar with can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look online for reviews, player forums, and blogs about that particular game. Google searches on just about any used video game title will bring up hundreds, if not thousands of relevant results where you can find everything from non-biased game reviews to game walkthroughs, to hints and cheats.Many of these used video game sites also buy games, so if you have cartridges lying around that you are not playing anymore, why not make them work for you? You will get much more for them online than you would at a local pawn shop (online sites don’t have the overhead brick-and-mortar stores do), and most pawn shops will not accept any systems or consoles other than PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii any more, as their limited market doesn’t support buying older systems. With online stores, they are able to market to a much wider customer base, and generally will accept the older video game systems.There are several ways to sell your used video games online but the best reason for going to a store dedicated to used video games is that they have a customer base that goes to them for games and they deal only in video games, so visitors to the site are there only to buy games, not movies, music, or bath towels. Online video game retailers also know much more about the business of buying and selling their product.So there it is: save time, save money, and prevent frustration by looking online for your games – you’ve got a variety of sources to choose from, and taking a little time to find your ‘favorite game store’ should result in many happy years of gaming.

Stop Teenage Gambling Education Needed At Local Schools

For the past few years teenage gambling has been increasing at an exponential rate. The increase in gambling can be contributed to family members who gamble, multiple television programs like poker tournaments and skillful advertising from the gambling establishments. It’s becoming an epidemic among our teenagers with no real solution being presented to the educators of our schools systems.The new stream of commercials related to stop gambling has had very little affect. The commercials are geared towards helping people stop gambling but are not geared towards the individuals who have not experienced gambling at this point in time. The stop gambling commercials have not been able to reach the teenager with a compulsive gambling addiction. They however may reach the parents who may realize their child has a problem.The only way to help our youth is to educate them in the classroom and at home. I remember years ago in health class they educated us on smoking and drinking. This was very effective on those individuals who never started. But the ones that were already addicted the educational programs were unable to reach them.There following educational curriculums will be available to ship by August 2005 in order to give teachers the proper resource tools to deal with this growing problem:a) Helpful Resources for identifying teenagers who may have a compulsive gambling addiction.b) Helping Teenagers identify their compulsive gambling addictionc) Educating teenagers on compulsive gambling addiction. This one is my favorite because this has the best opportunity to prevent a teenager from gambling, helping teenagers identify the signs of compulsive gambling addiction and if the teenager has a problem with gambling.d) Giving Teenagers the tools to identify others who may have a gambling addiction like their parents. This one has to be handled sensitively. I have received numerous emails from teenagers who did not know where to go, who to talk to in order to help a family member.e) Educating Teenagers on the resources available to get help by giving them the local stop gambling telephone numbers and helpful stop gambling websites.f) Understanding Compulsive Gambling Addictiong) Practical exercises for teenagers with addictions to learn about self esteem, trust and more.The above educational curriculums are to be used as a guide for professionals who want to educate the teenage population. The curriculums were based on real life situations. It’s their goal to reach these students at the age where gambling is most likely to affect their future and to help teenagers who have a compulsive gambling addiction.More educational information can be found at the website [].Teenagers that have been negatively affected by compulsive gambling addiction exhibit signs of self destructive behavior and an apathetic view towards school. By noticing the warning signs early, helps a teenager’s recovery to accelerate.Our future is in our children. By giving them a good education and family foundation we will help them to survive in this world.Another website that deals directly with compulsive gambling addiction and also has stop gambling resources is the I Stopped Gambling So Can You This website can help the family members and friends of gamblers. It also has self help books available.